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Vivid Minigolf isn't my only creative project. 

I have many other exciting things on the internet.
Miniature Multiverse is a fascinating first-person tour of miniature-art environments due for release in Fall 2020.
PANORAMIC WORLDS is a first-person exploratory puzzle/adventure game.
ISOLA is a narrative adventure-game project as well.
PRODIGAL is a side-scroller game project I worked on with my dad at Galilee Games. There are also other game projects, and game development resources on HERE. There are also many other non-game projects at, including indie videos, still art galleries, informative articles, and comics.

I also have a blog here, and a shop connected to that: Blog & Shop
as well as an eBay shop and an Etsy shop, where I sell handmade artwork.


Affordable Custom Art

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