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Vivid Minigolf - the improved version - will require dozens and quite possibly hundreds of hours of work on my part just to rebuild all the interactions in a new game engine.

The project will also require about $15-$18 to build each new hole of each new course.  The first nine (front nine of Course One) involved $145 in sculpting and modelmaking materials.  I would like the project to have at least 36 holes total including the existing nine, so I am hoping to raise about $450.00 here somehow by late 2017.
That may be unlikely, but given the thousand people who have already visited this website, it's not impossible.
I'd advise anybody who wants to back this project, wants to see a better, bigger HTML5 minigolf game available on this website by the end of 2017, to do one of the following things:
-Buy something from through the link at the very bottom of this webpage.  (Disclosure:  I am an affiliate and I'd get a small cut of the sale value - and I would allocate any money earned through the links on this website, to the Vivid MiniGolf project.)
-Alternatively, I'll be posting a line of handcrafted items that are Vivid MiniGolf related, on my Etsy shop during the next few months.  So if that seems like something you want [a golf-themed painting or art piece] then take a look.

-Finally, as development of the project progresses, I'll be releasing a short making-of booklet showing how the revised game is being created, complete with interesting game design insights and making-of images.  In fall 2017, that booklet item will *finally* become available on my eBay shop and my official shop And finally, as the fourth and perhaps most promising option, please consider buying a copy of my other miniature-art project, Miniature Multiverse:  
If the fundraising from these four venues fails to reach the minimum $450 target but nonetheless comes fairly close, I intend to divert cash from other sources of income to this project.  So if you support me in some other way, like buying entirely unrelated items I'm selling (custom art on eBay, or whatever) that may actually prove helpful for Vivid MiniGolf.
Thank You for reading, and please support this project!

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