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This is the old GameSalad version.  It has a limit of 10MB filesize and a limited resolution.  While it is HTML5, there are not working touchscreen controls for this game.  It is best played with a mouse & keyboard on a Mac or Windows computer.

I am trying to make a better HTML5 version but it will take time and effort on my part, plus some amount of money to cover the cost of the miniature materials for the new courses.

Still, if that effort succeeds, we may see a much bigger and better version sometime before 2018.

Some important notes:  The alternating and sequential options - these determine whether players rotate between putts on a hole or go one at a time.

The team options (as opposed to 'individuals' setting) allow for players to form two teams of two each in the case of a four-player game.  In team games the scores of each team member are added and the score of the teams is tallied at the end, not that of the individual players.

There is no AI implemented; the game is meant for hotseat play - with 2-4 human players taking turns and trying to beat each other by getting their ball in the hole in as few moves as possible.  Players can choose the color of their ball but there aren't a lot of color options.

There's also an option that enables a 7-stroke limit.  What that means is if a player can't get to the hole in 7 moves, they don't complete that hole and their score on it is simply '7'.
This is a nice option generally; it is good for the weakest player in that there's a limit imposed on how badly they can do on a hole, but it's also good for the other players as they're not stuck too long waiting on a player who, for whatever reason, is having trouble finishing the hole.

It's also possible to play solo (for practice) but that's much less fun.

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