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Vivid Minigolf is an HTML5 miniature golf game by artist and indie dev Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, as part of the Triumphant Artists Web Network.

The first nine holes

It uses photographed scale models (in O scale) to represent all of the holes in each minigolf course, photographed in high resolution, perspective-distorted into an orthographic form, and augmented with digital animations from waving flags to 3d water simulation (which reflects a 3d scan of the miniature course!)

The project, initially jokingly referred to as Miniature Miniature Golf, was initially implemented with a nine-hole half course in HTML5, using GameSalad as a game engine.

I have since begun redesigning the entire program in Construct 2, in an effort to make a new web-embedded HTML5 version without GameSalad's filesize and resolution constraints, and with a bunch of new courses as well as more ball colors and new interactions.

If you want to play the first version, click the top left link "Play the Orginal Version".   If you want to help fund the new one while also getting some cool stuff for yourself, click the link that says "Support the New One".  And if you want to know about other games and art projects we're working on, click the "See What Else We're Doing" link.


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